Sree’s Values:

What do you spend your free time on?
Creating things, organizing the house…

What are the most valuable areas in your life?
Being organised, Learning / Knowledge, Creativity ?

If nothing could stop you, what would you want to do with your life, your business? What would you change today?
I’d quit my day job & focus on my business full-time.

What are some ways you try to make your offers accessible to all people?
I consider all the ways they may be used, and offer generous licenses for a low price. My aim is to lift others up, and everyone grow together.

What ONE book / course / podcast / video that you think more people need to know about?
There are so many! If I had to pick just one, it would be any book from Terry Pratchett- who doesn’t need more laughter in their lives?

About Sree’s Business:

Your business name(s):
Dezine Bazar

Your website(s):

When / how often Sree likes to work:


What (if any) services do you offer?

What (if any) products do you sell?
Templates. I create Canva templates for business owners, but also list digital planners for productivity in my shop. I work with Canva, OneNote, and all digital planners, and will soon offer spreadsheets as well.

What (if any) topics do you teach?

Sree’s offers are valued from:
$5 – 50 USD

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