Cole’s Values:

What are the most valuable areas in your life?
Family / Pets, Travel / New places & Friends

What is the most “feel good” marketing technique that you love and go back to again, and again?
Having a Referral Program.

If nothing could stop you, what would you want to do with your life, your business? What would you change today?
My business will be solely supporting amazing entrepreneurs to streamline their systems and processes. I’ll be living in the mountains surrounded by beauty where I work from my deck a few days a week and enjoy the fresh air and amazing views. I will continue to support organizations and individuals through donations.

What are some ways you try to make your offers accessible to all people?
People are people. It doesn’t matter your background, skin tone, age, location, etc.. In my eyes, all are worthy.
It doesn’t mean that I’m for everyone, or everyone is for me. That’s OK.
It does mean that I fully respect you, as an individual.
If my offers are a solution to your needs, then great! If they aren’t, that’s OK too, I may just know someone that can help.

What ONE book / course / podcast / video that you think more people need to know about?
Crucial Conversations by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler

About Cole’s Business:

Your business name(s): Blue Jeans Boss LLC

Your website(s):

When / how often Cole likes to work: 3-4 Days a Week

Timezone: UTC/GMT -6

What (if any) services do you offer?
Streamlined AF VIP Day – Creating/Updating 1-3 Processes within your business through automation.
Client Experience VIP Day – Increase revenue by creating raving fans with amazing client experiences from the point of onboarding, supporting, and offboarding.

What (if any) products do you sell?

What (if any) topics to you teach?

Cole’s offers are valued from:
$3,500 – $8,000 USD

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